B & W Loudspeaker Bases / Plinths

Please click on the "Request for Quote" link next to the speaker you wish to receive a stand/plinth quote for.

Our stands come with the following standard features, please let us know in your e-mail if you wish for something different.

Standard Quote:

Flat Black Powder Coat
1.50" Black Chrome Spikes (cones) Click here to see other spike options.
1" Knurled Steel Knobs with Black Oxide Finish
Quote assumes a pair

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Once we receive your RFQ we will reply back to you with a cost and lead-time. If you decide to purchase an order page detailing the specifics of your stands will be placed on our site and a link will be e-mailed to you to allow payment.

B&W uses M6 threads for their spikes. See Spikes

  703 Click here to Request Quote
  2001 ASW750 DM310 
  2002 ASW825 DM320 
  2003 ASW855 DM330 
  2004 AWM65  DM330i 
  2000IFS  CC3  DM4 
  201i  CC6 S2  DM5 
  202i  CC6 S2  DM550 
  203i  CDM 1NT  DM560 
  800 ASW  CDM 7NT  DM570 
  800D CDM 9NT  DM580 
  801D CDM CNT  DM6 
  802D CDM SNT  DM600i 
  802FS  CDM1  DM600IFS 
  Nautilus 802  CDM1 SE  DM601 
  Nautilus 803  CDM2  DM601 S2 
  Nautilus 804  CDM2 SE  DM602 
  Nautilus 805  CDM7  DM602 S2 
  Nautilus HTM1  CDM7 SE  DM602.5 S3
  Nautilus HTM2  CDMC SE  DM603 
  Nautilus Prestige CDS6 S3 DM603 S2 
  Nautilus SCM1  P6  P5 
  SCM8  Signature 805  DM603 S3
  Solid Monitor  CM 2  DM604 
  803D CM 4  DM604 S2 
  803S CM 6  DM604 S3
  804S CM C  DM605 S2 
  ACM60  CM1 (Old)  DM610i 
  AS6 Active Subwoofer  DM100  DM620 
  ASW 1000  DM100i  DM620i 
  ASW 2000  DM110  DM630 
  ASW 2500  DM110i  DM630i 
  ASW 300 DM12  DM640 
  ASW 3000  DM14  DM640i 
  ASW 4000  DM16  DM7 
  ASW 500  DM1600  DM7 MK2 
  ASW 600 DM1800  DM70 
  ASW 650 DM2 MK2  DS6 
  ASW 675 DM220  DS6 S3
  ASW 800  DM220i  DS7
  ASW 850  DM302  DS8S
  ASW CDM  DM303 Emphasis 
  ASW CM  DM305  PCS8 
  ASW700 P4  Signature SCM 
  P2  Signature HTM  Signature 800 
  XT4 Matrix 1 S2  Matrix 801 Series 2 
  FCM8  Matrix 2 E  Matrix 801 Series 3 
  HTM7 Matrix 2 S1  Matrix 802 Series 2 
  LCR6 S2 Matrix 2 S2  Matrix 802 Series 3 
  Mass  Matrix 3 S1  Matrix 803 Series 2 
  Matrix 1 E  Matrix 3 S2  Matrix 804 
  Matrix 1 S1  Matrix 3E  Matrix 805 
  Matrix HTM  MODEL CM2 OLD  Nautilus 800 







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