Cable Stands/Isolator Pods


These elevators are non-conductive and will also assist in cable management. They are very appealing to the eye and you will hear a better focus and blacker background. The detail preserved will be exceptional for all types and makes of cabling.

There is no practical excuse for not isolating & elevating your cables off the floor. We hear great reviews over and over from Audiophiles that have spent thousands of dollars in cabling, and then found massive improvements after installing these cable stands.

We offer these cable stands in a unique brown with black combination. We are not able to ship these overseas based on the size and fragile nature of the product.

Porcelain Cable Stands with Non-Conductive Glaze

Cable Stand Color Size Price each  
Brown 4" x 3.5" $27.00

A recent customer that had purchased a set our cable stands has sent us back this feedback, validating what our customers are finding.

"I just got the speaker cable stands via UPS and installed them in my system. 
I must say that the noise floor dropped significantly.  I have a pair of
Magnepan Tympani 4a's that require significant amounts of power.  I have a
McCormack DNA-1 powering the woofer panels.  There has been quite a bit of
white noise and a low level hum coming from the woofer panels.  I have tried
just about everything to get rid of it.  I am using an active crossover with
sensitivity adjustments.  I have tried to tweak that repeatedly with
little success.  Once I got my IC (7meters long) from the preamp to the
crossover up off the floor with your speaker stands just about all of the
noise and most of the hum disappeared....amazing.  The sound is definitely
more holographic and placement of instruments more defined."

And another........

"I must say I am floored at the increase in clarity and leading edge transients with the stands in place. Like wow. I would not have believed it."

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