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Manufactured in Germany, WBT connectors are designed specifically for the high-end audio industry. The product line has expanded from that first RCA type plug to include male and female RCA type connectors, binding posts, banana plugs and spade lugs with functionally unique features that truly elevate them to the top. WBT products are very popular with audio cable and equipment manufacturers worldwide and can be found as standard equipment on many well respected brands. Additionally, WBT currently holds more than 20 patents pertaining to audio connectors.

Featuring unrivaled engineering and design principles, WBT's line of speaker connectors is unlike any other. From the elegant design of the WBT-0645 banana to the quality heft of the WBT-0702, WBT speaker products are the last word for music, function and safety.

WBT banana plugs feature expanding tips for the ultimate in secure connection. No wimpy springs to break or weak connectors to bend. In short, nothing to fail. With WBT bananas on your cables you just relax and enjoy. The WBT-0645 banana is considered by many to be the finest banana the world has seen. Fully insulated with Makrolon® plastic to meet CE regulations, the WBT-0645 features an angled design that allows the cable to fall away from the component with no sharp bends. WBT crimp technique termination only. Easy fit for wire size up to 8awg.

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Item Description
WBT-0110Ag Nextgen Silver Signature
WBT-0110Cu Nextgen Copper Topline
WBT-0108 Topline RCA - Crimp Type
WBT-0101 Topline RCA - Solder Type
WBT-0150 Topline RCA - Solder Type Longer
WBT-0144 Midline RCA - Solder Type
WBT-0147 Midline RCA - Solder Type Shorter
RCA Sockets
WBT-0210Ag Nextgen Silver Signature
WBT-0210Cu Nextgen Copper Topline
WBT-0201 Topline - Solder Type
WBT-0234 Topline - Solder Type - Circuit Board
WBT-0600 Topline - Polished Ruthenium sleeve
WBT-0645 Angle - w/ safety pin
WBT-0660 Cu 1/4" Copper
WBT-0680 Cu 5/16" Copper
WBT-0660 Ag 1/4" Silver
WBT-0680 Ag 5/16" Silver
Binding Posts - Topline - 68% Copper - 5 Layer Plating
WBT-0702.01 400A Gold Plated
WBT-0702.11 400A Polished Gold Plate
WBT-0702.12 400A Polished Platinum
WBT-0730.01 200A Gold Plated
WBT-0730.11 200A Polished Gold Plate
WBT-0730.12 200A Polished Platinum
WBT-0735 200A Gold Plated - Insulated
Binding Posts - Midline - 52% Copper - 3 Layer Plating
WBT-0763 200A Gold Plated
WBT-0764 200A Gold Plated - PC Mount
WBT-0765 200A Gold Plated - Insulated
WBT-0766 200A Gold Plated - Insulated PC M.
Binding Posts - Economy - Solid Brass with Chromium Finish
WBT-0780 200A Solid Brass
WBT-0785 200A Solid Brass - Insulated
Mounting Plates - Anodized Aluminum   (Size is W x H)
WBT-530.xx 110mm x 110mm aluminum plate
WBT-531.xx 110mm x 150mm aluminum plate
WBT-532.xx 127mm x 178mm aluminum plate
Silver Solder
WBT-0800 0.9mm x 10m - 42 grams
WBT-0820 0.8mm x 73m - 250 grams
WBT-0840 1.2mm x 57m - 500 grams
WBT-0403 Crimping Pliers
WBT-0411 Crimp Kit - Sleeves & Pliers
WBT-0499 Cable Cutters
WBT-0488 Torx Key T-6
WBT-0716 Thick Panel Mounting Kit
WBT-0725-CU Power Bridge - Gold on Copper
WBT-0725-AG Power Bridge - Platinum on Copper
WBT Spacer Spacer Block for dual binding post
Crimp Sleeves
WBT-0430 0.5mm / 20awg
WBT-0431 0.75mm / 19awg
WBT-0432 1.0mm / 17awg
WBT-0433 1.5mm / 16awg
WBT-0434 2.5mm / 14awg
WBT-0435 4.0mm / 12awg
WBT-0436 6.0mm / 10awg
WBT-0437 10.0mm / 8awg
WBT-0438 16.0mm / 6awg
Crimp Sleeves with Insulated Collar
WBT-0441 1.5mm / 16awg
WBT-0442 2.5mm / 14awg
WBT-0443 4.0mm / 12awg
WBT-0444 6.0mm / 10awg
WBT-0445 10.0mm / 8awg
WBT-0446 16.0mm / 6awg
Silver Crimp Sleeves with Insulated Collar
WBT-0450 1.5mm / 16awg - Each
WBT-0451 2.5mm / 14awg - Each
WBT-0452 4.0mm / 12awg - Each
WBT-0453 6.0mm / 10awg - Each
Bulk Crimp Sleeves
WBT-0470 Bag Each 30,31,32,33,34,41,42
WBT-0471 Bag Each 35, 36, 37, 38
WBT-0472 Bag Each 43, 44, 45, 46

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