Goertz MI cable


Goertz MI cable

The patented Goertz MI cable, invented by Ole Goertz, a Danish electronics and audio engineer, eliminates distortion between amplifier and loudspeakers. Patented in 20 countries, Goertz wire is flat by design. It's form follows function, in the best design tradition. Using the dielectrics Polyester Terapthalate and Teflon applied around each solid rectangular conductor, Alpha-Core achieved an extraordinarily thin profile between the two stacked wires. To provide maximum protection while maintaining thinness, the cable sandwich is then sheathed in tough, high grade polymer. The result is a wire with a characteristic impedance that closely matches the impedance of loudspeakers.

 Alpha-Core's Goertz MI wire presents 2 to 4 ohms characteristic impedance as opposed to the 50 to 200 ohms presented by even the most expensive speaker cables. This correct electrical matching results in improved stereo imaging, better clarity, less high-frequency roll off and better low frequency definition. These cables are known to have the "lowest characteristic impedance in the world."

No Longer Offered.



Cable Pricing BULK
25' 75' 125' 150'
HT (15AWG)      
MI 1 (13AWG)      
MI 2 (10AWG)      
MI 3 (7 AWG)      
AG 1 (12AWG)      
AG 2 (9AWG)      
AG 3 (7AWG)      


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