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 Ribbon Tweeter



• 220 x 166mm flange

• Frequency range 2.3k-35kHz

• Isodynamic Ribbon

• Neodymium magnet

• Magnetically shielded

• Flat Impedance curve




Znom 8 ohm

Nom. Power 30 Watts

Sensitivity 2.83V / 1m 99 dB

Magnet System Neodymium

Weight 1.06 kg

RT2-pro driving influence evenly distributes in entire vibration plane, and the core of it is of a high accuracy vibration chip that is composed by ultra-thin high strength Kapton membrane materials and heat-resisting circuit conduction membrane. The conduction membrane area takes more than 90% of the whole vibration chip area. The vibration chips are accurate installed in the matrix arranged three rows neodymium iron boron magnet, for gaining equal driving influence.

RT2-pro owns very big vibration area, which can stand very high input power and very wide response frequency band. Compare with traditional ball top tweeter, vibration quality can be ignored. It supplied extremely quick transient state front and back characteristic. The transient response surmounted the traditional speaker by far.

RT2-pro owns the pure resistance impedance feature in work state, i.e., it has not impedance resonance. It supplied the linear phase response and the synchronization time delay characteristic for enhancing the audio and video localization accuracy in replaying music.

RT2-pro owns high sensitivity. The driving structure and bighearted aluminum panel combine together tightly formed high effective radiation structure, it can effectively reduce the working temperature of vibration chips.


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