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 Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeter

RT2II Ribbon    


• 160 x 186mm flange

• Frequency range 2k-27kHz

• Isodynamic Ribbon

• Neodymium magnet

• Magnetically shielded

• Flat Impedance curve



Znom 8 ohm

Nom. Power 30 Watts


2.83V / 1m 93 dB

Magnet System Neodymium

Weight 0.87 kg


Traditional ball top electromotion style loudspeaker applied voice coil to make film membrane work indirectly, which makes easy produce various of unbalanced sound, meanwhile difficult to replay high sound pressure because of the restrict of physics materials. The ribbon loudspeaker's voice coil is manufactured in the surface of the film membrane, which can sync and equally drive air. It has world recognized features, i.e. quick response, low-distortion, accurate and clean sound.

Swans has researched ribbon tweeter for several years, during this time, many products were born, of which brand new RT1II was born recently on the base. The film membrane of it applied Kapton, which voice and film membrane combine together, the aluminum conduction part of voice coil takes more than 90% and painted 3um anti-oxidized coating can prevent the aluminum oxidation when sudden hot for aluminum conduction wire. The vibration quality can be ignored compare with traditional ball top tweeter, it is of 25mg, just as 1/5 of common tweeter, which means that any input transient state messages can be made transient response. The driving systems composed of 2 layers of neodymium iron boron magnet create a push-pull actuation, which fill excellent absorb sound materials at back of film membrane, increase damp at back of film membrane, eliminate unnecessary vibration and reduce distortion.

The panel of it applied new duralumin alloy, the needs of sound radiation to design its shape, which match with 2 row holes of front armor plate create equal and wide response. There is no resonance in working frequency band and impedance curve is a beeline, there is nearly no resonance wave distortion.

Knowing all of the fantastic features of RT1II, Comparing with common speakers, it will give you a definite answer: Why are nitpicks audiophiles looking for ribbon loudspeakers in speaker books? Because they cannot find a loudspeaker whose sound are clear, clarity and full details, but those are the outstanding features of ribbon tweeter.


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