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• Top Mount

• Fabric dome tweeter

• Shielded magnet



Nominal Impedance (Z)(O) : 6
Resonance Frequency (Fs)(Hz) : 1300
Nominal Power Handling (Pnom)(W) : 15
Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)(dB) : 90
Weight (M)(Kg) : 0.14
VC Diameter (mm) : 28
DC (Re)(O) : 5.1

VC Layers : 2
VC Former : CCAW
VC Frame : ALuminum
Magnet System : Shielded
Magnet Former : Neodymium
Recommended Crossover Frequency(Hz) : >2000Hz

TN28 features:
"minimum diffraction" versatile-mounting design;
hand treated fabric dome with rotational symmetry moving behavior;
ferrofluid cooled 28mm voice coil;
flexible lead out wires;
shielded vented double magnet system with two Neodymium rings;
big non-resonant rear acoustic chamber;
solid metal case from anodized aluminum.
The absence of a mounting flange in TN28 allows flexible placement and diverse cabinet design. TN28 can be placed on top of a cabinet to reduce diffraction effect and align acoustical centers of transducers. It also can be mounted in a hole anywhere on a front panel in a maximum possible vicinity to a bass-midrange driver.

The solid aluminum case enclosing magnet system provides effective cooling.

The fabric with special weave results in a better axial symmetry of the entire moving system.

The tweeter has very smooth on-axis and off-axis frequency response delivering excellent acoustic power dispersion. TN28 creates an accurate source imaging and distinguishes by exceptionally transparent and balanced sound.

Recommended crossover frequency 2.3-3 kHz.


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