Swan Speakers

Please note, we no longer sell speakers but have left speaker information on our page for reference only.


Swan Speakers

by Hi-Vi Research

Swans has a broad product range to satisfy every customer's demands in virtually every application category. We are positive that you can find a system that provides the exact combination of qualities and price for your special requirements.

All drive units designed by Swans are manufactured by Hi-Vi Research, the largest manufacturer of hi-end drivers in China.

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Isodynamic Ribbon Tweeters
RT1C-A 120mm round flange
RT2II 145mm x 166mm rectangular flange
RT2C-A 176mm round flange
RT2E-A 105mm x 176mm oval flange
RT2-Pro 220mm x 166mm rectangular flange
RT8II 160mm x 220mm rectangular flange
1" Fabric Dome Tweeters
SD1.1-A 116mm round flange, shielded
Q1R 116mm round flange, shielded
TN28 46mm x 99mm Top Mount
TN25 54.5mm square with chamber
K1 116mm round aluminum flange, shielded
X1R 116mm round flange, ferrofluid cooled
2" Fabric Dome Midranges
DMN-A 116mm round flange with chamber
DMA-A 145mm round flange, shielded
DMB-A 145mm round flange, shielded
"D" Series Mineral Filled Polypropylene Cones, Large Diameter Voice Coils
D6.8 174mm round flange, cast frame
D8.8 243mm round flange, cast frame
D10.8 299mm round flange, cast frame
"F" Series Kevlar/Paper Cones, Cast Frames, Shielded Magnets, Yellow Cones
F5 154mm round flange, phase plug
F6 197mm round flange, phase plug
F8 217mm round flange
"M" Series Magnesium/Aluminum Alloy Cones, Copper Color Cones, Cast Frames
M5a 140mm round flange, shielded magnet
M6a 174mm round flange, shielded magnet
M8a 215mm round flange
M12 313mm round flange



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