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How to order

We offer a few different purchase options at Brass and Granite audio. Please feel free to choose your method of ordering. Note, purchasing online using a credit card with the "Add to Cart" buttons is preferred and the most seamless method of payment. We are confident in our credit card security transactions as we have never had any incidents of fraud or theft using Paypal.

Payment Methods

1. Credit Card "Add to Cart" :

Simply clicking on the button next to the product will take you to a "shopping cart" screen at the Paypal website. The screen will allow you to review the contents of your order and the quantity per item chosen.  Shipping costs are automatically calculated. You will receive a order confirmation e-mail from Brass and granite Audio within (1) business day of your payment.

2. E-mail:

Email the part numbers and quantities of the products you wish to purchase along with your credit card information. Credit card information needs to include name of card holder, credit card number, credit card type (Visa, MasterCard, etc.,) and expiration date. We will e-mail a total purchase confirmation of your order including shipping to you prior to running transaction.

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