Opus 3 Speaker Cable

The VooDoo Opus 3 Speaker Cable has been designed and engineered to reveal the high-definition audio resolution in audiophile 2-channel and multi-channel home theater systems. The Opus 3 Speaker Cable has three discrete solid-core and stranded conductor groups that are custom wound in a proprietary design that creates a concentric induction field for balanced line capacitance and phase-accurate linearity, with significantly lower noise in the signal path. Active shielding provides protection against EMI/RFI signal corruption. All the conductors and termination are treated in our cold fusion deep-immersion cryogenic process at minus 315 Fahrenheit to lower line resistance and significantly enhanced the dynamic performance. The audible characteristics are balanced dynamics, full-range transparency, detailed soundstage, with accurate low-frequency control and sub-sonic extension. Recommended for full-range loudspeakers. Available with Cardas rhodium over silver-plated copper spades or Z-banana termination. Neutrik Speakon connectors optional. For multi-channel home theater sets, call with length for best pricing. For a recommendation for your specific component or system, contact us by email.

Opus 3 - Cardas 6mm or 9mm Rhodium/silver -plated spade or gold-plated Z-Banana termination


Single Wire Pair

4 Feet $450 6 Feet $500 8 Feet $550 10 Feet $600




Bi-Wire Pair

4 Feet $500 6 Feet $550 8 Feet $600 10 Feet $650




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