Reference Speaker Cable

The VooDoo Reference cables gripped the bass and held on like an 800-pound gorilla!
The lows were held in iron control, while the highs soared into space.... smooth musicality, coupled with their ability to bring out the tiniest details...The Reference cables will satisfy the needs of a system in the $20,000-plus range, for a down-to-earth sum of around $1500!
- Ed Morawski, Positive Feedback Read Complete Review

The VooDoo Reference Speaker Cable has been designed and engineered to reveal accurate dynamics and high definition harmonic resolution in audiophile systems. The VooDoo Reference Speaker Cable has full bandwidth transparence, exceptional mid-range presence and liquidity, and extremely accurate low-frequency response that has been achieved by a refined balance of capacitance, inductance for optimal harmonic resolution and coherent phase-linearity.

The Reference Speaker Cable is constructed with three discrete conductor groups. Each group is made of pure silver and long-grain oxygen-free copper conductors is encapsulated in ISO-grade Teflon´┐Ż air-core dielectric and wound in a concentric lay to proprietary specification for optimal capacitance and induction. All of the wire and connectors used to build VooDoo Reference speaker cable have been treated in our proprietary cold fusion deep-immersion cryogenic treatment process at minus 315 degrees Fahrenheit
(-192 Celsius) to realign and fuse the molecular structure of the conductive metals and alloys. The over-whelming benefit of this metallurgical transformation is significantly less resistance for a lower noise floor within each conductor for a significantly quieter, higher resolution, phase-accurate signal path.

The Reference Speaker Cable is protected from EMI and RFI corruption by a concentric active shield that creates a dynamic induction field around signal conductors for accurate phase linearity and controlled inductance. The audible results are balanced dynamics and full-range transparency with extremely smooth high frequency response, and accurate low and sub-sonic frequency extension.

Available with cryogencially treated Cardas/Colver 1/4" rhodium over silver-plated high-purity copper billet spade or Cardas rhodium over silver-plated banana termination. Neutrik Speakon termination is also available. For three-wire home theater or multi-channel sets, please call with length and termination for best pricing. For a recommendation for your system, please contact us by email.

Reference - Cardas 6mm or 9mm Rhodium/silver-plated spade and banana lug termination


Single Wire Pair

4 Feet $700 6 Feet $800 8 Feet $900 10 Feet $1000




Bi-Wire Pair

4 Feet $800 6 Feet $900 8 Feet $1000 10 Feet $1100




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