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Our stands come with the following standard features, please let us know in your e-mail if you wish for something different.

Standard Quote:

Flat Black Powder Coat
1.50" Black Chrome Spikes (cones) Click here to see other spike options.
1" Knurled Steel Knobs with Black Oxide Finish
Quote assumes a pair

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Qty. 1 Pair


Rega Jura



Rega Jura Stands above and Comments from customer below.

Who could wait?

Here are some pics.

The stands really make a very noticeable difference tighter/more articulate bass, better image, soundstage, more depth, and somewhat more refined. I'm very pleased.  I've been using the granite weights to give more mass for some time. Granite helped, but this was a significant upgrade.  In the new room I am also preferring the spikes all the way around. I had purchased a set of the same spikes some time ago for another speaker pair. So I had enough hardware to keep them all at the taller height.  I'm amazed at how great these Regas sound. I'd have to spend considerable more to get sound that I have... like a lot more.

Thanks again









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