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The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook 6th ed. Vance Dickason No Stock each

0. How Loudspeakers Work

1. Closed-Box Low-Frequency Systems

2. Vented-Box Low-Frequency Systems

3. Passive-Radiator Low-Frequency Systems

4. Transmission Line Low-Frequency Systems

5. Cabinet Construction: Shape and Damping

6. Mid- and High-Frequency Drivers: Applications and Enclosures

7. Passive and Active Crossovers

8. Loudspeaker Testing

9. Cad Software for Loudspeaker Design and Loudspeaker Room Interfacing

10. Home Theater Loudspeakers

11. Car Audio Loudspeakers

*** New designs for Home Theater and Studio Monitor kits.





The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook SIXTH EDITION by Vance Dickason

Twelve Chapters (233 pages, soft bound)

"For the inexperienced builder, the best single reference available." Robert M. Bullock, III Contributing Editor, Speaker Builder


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LOUDSPEAKER RECIPES Four Two-Way Systems Vance Dickason No Stock each

Best-selling author Vance Dickason takes you on a journey through exciting new computer-aided loudspeaker design techniques to explore important questions affecting speaker design and performance. Vance takes you step by step through all the aspects of building four different two-way speaker systems, from choosing the drivers, to choosing the right crossover components, and finally tweaking the speaker to match your personal preferences.






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TESTING LOUDSPEAKERS Joseph D'Appolito No Stock each

Testing Loudspeakers is the first comprehensive and solidly authoritative account of just how loudspeakers may be reliably tested. Ultimately, accurate results from testing will lead to better designs. The measurement techniques contained in this book provide all clues you need to refine your speaker's components to improve its performance. The author spells out in his first chapter:


Seven Chapters, 174 pages






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