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Supra Ply

Supra Ply Speaker Cable: Ice Blue

PLY2.0/FT By the foot (14AWG) $6.00

PLY3.4/FT By the foot (12AWG) $7.20

PLY3.4-S8 8ft Pair with Spades $150.00

PLY3.4-B8 8ft Pair with Bananas $170.00

PLY3.4-S10 10ft Pair with Spades $180.00

PLY3.4-B10 10ft Pair with Bananas $200.00

PLY3.4-S12 12ft Pair with Spades $210.00

PLY3.4-B12 12ft Pair with Bananas $230.00

Bi-Wire PLY 3.4 Speaker Cable: Ice Blue in white nylon sleeve

PLY3.4BW-S8 8ft Pair with Spades $270.00

PLY3.4BW-B8 8ft Pair with Bananas $290.00

PLY3.4BW-S10 10ft Pair with Spades $320.00

PLY3.4BW-B10 10ft Pair with Bananas $340.00

PLY3.4BW-S12 12ft Pair with Spades $390.00

PLY3.4BW-B12 12ft Pair with Bananas $410.00

Screened Supra Ply Speaker Cable with ground wire: Ice Blue

PLY3.4/S by the foot (12AWG) $8.40

PLY3.4/S-S6 6ft Pair with Spades $140.00

PLY3.4/S-B6 6ft Pair with Bananas $160.00

PLY3.4/S-S8 8ft Pair with Spades $180.00

PLY3.4/S-B8 8ft Pair with Bananas $200.00

PLY3.4/S-S10 10ft Pair with Spades $220.00

PLY3.4/S-B10 10ft Pair with Bananas $240.00

PLY3.4/S-S12 12ft Pair with Spades $260.00

PLY3.4/S-B12 12ft Pair with Bananas $280.00

Bi-Wire Screened Supra Ply Speaker Cable with ground wire: Ice Blue in white sleeve

PLY3.4/SBW-S6 6ft Pair with Spades $260.00

PLY3.4/SBW-B6 6ft Pair with Bananas $280.00

PLY3.4/SBW-S8 8ft Pair with Spades $320.00

PLY3.4/SBW-B8 8ft Pair with Bananas $340.00

PLY3.4/SBW-S10 10ft Pair with Spades $400.00

PLY3.4/SBW-B10 10ft Pair with Bananas $420.00

PLY3.4/SBW-S12 12ft Pair with Spades $460.00

PLY3.4/SBW-B12 12ft Pair with Bananas $480.00


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