Supra Sword Bifilar Wound Litz Speaker Cable: Ice Blue

Pair in Mahogany Case

Sword cables are made with bifilar litz winding, where an inner set of helically wound wire is run in one direction and an outer set in another direction. This divides the fields in opposing directions, canceling the magnet field. Sword behaves as a non-inductive and phase stable cable. Sword cables come with interchangeable CombiCon connectors, providing both spade and banana termination.

Unit Length Price per Pair

Sword 2 Meter 2 Meter Pair with Combicon Kit $820.00

Sword 10ft 10ft Pair with Combicon Kit $954.00

Sword 12ft 12ft Pair with Combicon Kit $1,154.00

Sword 14ft 14ft Pair with Combicon Kit $1,354.00

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