Viablue NF-B Subwoofer Interconnect

Nf-b Subwoofer interconnects are particularly developed NF cables, which show the bass range strength and pressureful. The capacity between interior leaders and screen is maximally raised by a very thick interior leader. As isolation the thermoplastic plastic LDPE is used. Thus the capacity is continued to raise with same dimensioning. The result are capacitive values of 128 pF/m.

ViaBlue Nf-b Cinchkabel were developed explicitly for the connection by Subwoofers. The signal transfer fokusierte on the bass range is maximally unerstuetzt that even on longer signal paths the pressure is not lost. Subwoofer can thus to those raumakkustisch orient best place to be positioned.

The extremely thick interior leader of the Nf-b Subwoofer Interconnect produces a high pressure for Subwoofer. The three-way screen developed from a double, spiral screen moving in opposite directions as well as the semiconducting LDPE layer shield the solid interior leader.

Nf-b Interconnects are ready-made with genuine-gilded and teflon-coated ViaBlue XLS Cinchsteckern , which can be fixed by closing the case firmly at Cinchbuchsen. They secure extremely strong contact pressure and thus contact without resistance.

Inserted fan-jet filters remove the interior/intermediate stream arising with coaxial cables from leader and shielding.

* particularly developed NF cable for the connection of Subwoofern larva in Germany

* three-way screen with double spiral screen + semiconducting LDPE

* integrated fan-jet filter for the reduction of the electromagnetic intermediate tensions

* High ending 24 carat XLS Cinchstecker, fixably

* Stress of deep frequencies by very high capacity of 125 pF

* extremely thick Konduktor with 546 x 0,07 braids for bassigen sound

* Vein 2,1 qmm according to DIN EN 13602/polyethylene isolation

* black protection network/fabric

More information can be found at the Viablue Website.

Length Price Each Purchase
50 cm (19 inches) 1.58 ft $97.00

100 cm (39 Inches) 3.25 ft $100.00

150 cm (59 Inches) 4.92 ft $104.00

200 cm (78 inches) 6.5 ft $108.00

250 cm (98 inches) 8.16 ft. $112.00

300 cm (118 inches) 9.83 ft $116.00

350 cm (137 inches) 11.42 ft $120.00

400 cm (157 inches) 13.08 ft. $124.00

450 cm (177 inches) 14.75 ft $128.00

500 cm (196 inches) 16.33 ft $132.00

600 cm (236 inches) 19.68 ft. $140.00

800 cm (315 inches) 26.25 ft $154.00

1000 cm (393 inches) 32.8 ft $170.00

1250 cm (492 inches) 41 ft. $189.00



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