Viablue SC-2 Silver Series Single Wire Speaker Cable

ViaBlue Sc-2 Silver Series loudspeaker cable have genuine silver plating of the braids as well as a special silver/copper-mix for a pressureful stress of the bass range. The cable ends are with oxygen-poor as well as gilded OFC copper vein end sleeves crimped. Whereupon suitably the genuine-gilded loudspeaker patch cords of the ViaBlue TS series are installed.

Sc-2 loudspeaker cables sound spatial transparency, and brillieren airily within the elevator range. Clean depths and basses round the klangbild homogeneous off. Technically all frequency ranges are represented cleanly, realistically and linear and illustrated.

Both veins of the Sc-2 loudspeaker cables consist of ever sieve stranded bundles with altogether 448 individual braids. Around the sound range for the individual frequency ranges to specialize five bundles have a genuine silver plating for the detail-faithful rendition of the elevator range and two bundles of pure copper strands for the pressureful stress of the bass.

The Sc-2 loudspeaker cable with the ViaBlue Cobra Schutzgewebe, which shows the dynamics of the High end Loudspeaker cables also optically at first sight, is braided.

The fragments typically used with ViaBlue cables protect the cable ends from bending and provide at the same time for a professional and thought cable run out of the single wires.

The braids are crimped to the protection from oxidation with gilded, oxygen-poor ViaBlue OFC copper vein end sleeves. Thus supply of air is pinched off to the high-quality braids which again to a quality stabilization of many years as well as continuous sound characteristics leads.

The Sc-2 loudspeaker cable with genuine-gilded High ending patch cords of the ViaBlue TS series is ready-made. In principle the cables with TS2 banana plugs are manufactured. Without surcharge however individual manufacturing with the plug types TS banana plug, TS2 banana plug, TS of lugs (6 or 8 mm) are , possible for TS flexible pins and TS cable pin (see also data sheet TS plug )

The basis burning time of the Sc-2 loudspeaker cables amounts to approx. 18-20 hours, the complete burning time amounts to approx. 38-40 hours. (data are temperature and ortsabhaenig)

* High ending loudspeaker cable larva in Germany

* 2 x 4 mm of 2 veins with altogether 448 x 0,15 braids strands in 14 bundles

* 2 veins genuine-silvered braids per vein

* 2 veins silver/copper-braid-mix for different frequency ranges

* Fleece/connective tissue for the protection of the single wires

* genuine-gilded ViaBlue an High ending TS patch cords freely selectable

* ViaBlue fragment for the perfect conclusion at the kabelausgang

* detail-exact representation during linear illustration of all frequencies

* spatial and airy sound

* Shroud with ViaBlue Cobra Schutzgewebe

More information can be found at the Viablue Website.

Length Price Each Purchase
50 cm (19 inches) 1.58 ft $115.40

100 cm (39 Inches) 3.25 ft $128.25

150 cm (59 Inches) 4.92 ft $141.05

200 cm (78 inches) 6.5 ft $153.90

250 cm (98 inches) 8.16 ft. $166.65

300 cm (118 inches) 9.83 ft $179.50

350 cm (137 inches) 11.42 ft $192.30

400 cm (157 inches) 13.08 ft. $205.10

450 cm (177 inches) 14.75 ft $217.95

500 cm (196.5 inches) 16.4 ft $230.75

600 cm (236 inches) 19.68 ft. $256.40

800 cm (315 inches) 26.25 ft $307.65

1000 cm (393 inches) 32.8 ft $358.95

1250 cm (492 inches) 41 ft. $423.05

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