Viablue TS Spade Connectors

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$9.00 per Spade!

Technical characteristics:

- High ending loudspeaker patch cords genuine-gilds 24 carat

- 8 mm of fork opening

- 25 bent fork

- Transparent isolation case to the protection against short-circuits

- Cable admission up to 8 mm

- 2 large adjustment screws for the strong stop of the loudspeaker cables in the plugs

- Very comfortable and easy assembly

The TS of lugs was developed for the firm installation and/or screw connection by loudspeaker cables at loudspeaker sockets. With 2 mm a strong fork are screwed firmly the lugs onto terminal clamps. Thus a durably firm contact is ensured.

More information can be found at the Viablue Website.

Style Price per Pair Purchase
TS (8MM) Spade Connector (Pair)

(1) red band & (1) black band


Loudspeaker cables can be installed in TS plugs very easily and comfortably. For this a skinning device for stripping the cables as well as a screwdriver are only needed for fastening the cables in the patch cords.

The loudspeaker cables should with a length of approx.. 8 mm to be stripped and then into the housing inside of the TS of plug connector be put firmly. This internal part of the TS patch cords narrows itself in such a way that the air supply is pinched off when correct putting in. Thus the braids are protected against oxidation. The cable can be tightened comfortably by the two large adjustment screws. The cable has thus a very strong stop in the plug. Soldering is not necessary.

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