aIR Dragon Power Cord

The Air Dragon Powercord is designed to deliver the highest level of sonic performance from any and every component in your system. The Air Dragon Powercord offers a breathtaking soundstage with vividly coherent imaging, neutral tonality, and extremely accurate dynamic response. The Air Dragon is the quietest yet most dynamic power cord we have ever designed. Behind a lush tapestry of sound is a dead quiet background that allows every nuance of sonic texture and detail to literally dance across the holographic expanse of the soundstage. The Air Dragon will allow you to hear the rosin on a violin bow as it slides across the strings; the resonance of the copper windings as the felt hammers of a grand piano strike the bass strings, and more. If you seek the ultimate in a truly high-end audiophile power cord, the Air Dragon may just be the end of the rainbow.

The Air Dragon is hand-built with #6 AWG 5N pure silver and single crystal continuous-cast copper conductors. The Air Dragon is terminated with the Oyaide C-004 IEC Connector and Oyaide P-004 AC Plug with platinum/palladium-plated Beryllium copper contacts. All of the wire and connectors used to build the Air Dragon have been treated in our proprietary cold fusion deep-immersion cryogenic process to structurally align and fuse the molecular bond of the conductive alloy crystals for significantly improved linearity, lower noise, less resistance and optimal sonic performance. The cord body is sheathed with static-resistant Teflon mesh for maximum durability and optimal flexibility.


Air Dragon - #6 AWG pure silver/copper conductors with Oyaide C-004 & P-004 Platinum/palladium-plated Beryllium connectors


3 Feet $2500 4 Feet $2600 5 Feet $2800 6 Feet $3000 10 Feet $3600





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