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Balanced Dynamics
Neutral Yonality
Cryogenically Treated
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VooDoo Opus 2 Interconnect Cable - RCA / XLR

"When I removed the VooDoo [Opus 2] cables and reinstalled my reference cables, my system still sounded excellent, but I couldn't help but wonder: If the low-end Voodoos' are this good, how would the more expensive ones sound? I was very, very impressed with the VooDoo [Opus 2] cables. They are attractive, well made, and a cut above any other cables in their price range.... I think the Voodoos' could be the bargain of the year!"
Ed Morawski, Positive Feedback
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VooDoo Opus 2 Interconnect derives its sonic signature from the VooDoo Reference Interconnect design, with full-bandwidth transparence, high-definition harmonic resolution and balanced dynamic response. The Opus 2 Interconnect has been designed for high-end audio and home theater systems, where digital signal processing has expanded the bandwidth of the analog output signal.

All of the wire and connectors used to build the Mojo Powercord have been cryogenically treated in our cold fusion deep immersion process at -315 degrees Fahrenheit (-192 C) to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular bond of the conductive alloys and metals for lower impedance and significantly less line noise. The cryogenically treated high-purity copper conductors are precision-wound in a TeflonŽ dielectric. 100% shielding provides protection against EMI/RFI signal corruption. The Opus 2 Interconnect is terminated with cryogenically treated Cardas RCA rhodium over silver-plated connectors. High silver content solder and precision temperature controlled soldering techniques maintain phase-accurate signal flow and balanced inductance and capacitance throughout the signal path. The Opus 2 Balanced Interconnect is built with high-luster Zaolla XLR connectors with cryogenically treated gold-plated contact pins. Available in stereo pairs, subwoofer, 5-wire and 6-wire sets for home theater configurations. XLR to DB-25 termination also available.


RCA Termination

Length Price per Pair Purchase
1 Meter $400

1.5 Meter $425

2 Meter $450

3 Meter $500

4 Meter $550

5 Meter $600

XLR Termination

Length Price per Pair Purchase
1 Meter $450

1.5 Meter $475

2 Meter $500

3 Meter $550

4 Meter $600

5 Meter $650


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