VooDoo Reference 3 Interconnect Cable

Ultra-High Harmonic Resolution
All Solid Copper Conductors
Balanced Full-Range Dynamics
Vivid Soundstage Transparence
Active Shield Design


Reference 3 Interconnect Cable

If building a fine musical instrument were just about science and technology, then 17th-century Stradivarius violins would be worthless today. But art, not science, is the key to their eternal musical quality and impeccable design. Likewise, the creation of a truly musical audio cable takes more than a scientific approach. At VooDoo Cable, we believe that science is a tool, but musical knowledge combined with years of cable design and engineering experience are the foundation of exceptional audio cable design.

The Reference 3 Interconnect vividly reveal soundstage imaging, ultra-smooth extended highs, accurate bass and sub-sonic response, and natural acoustic ambience or "air" around voices and instruments. The Reference Interconnect will deliver uncolored tonality, with full bandwidth transparence and balanced dynamic response throughout the audible range. More than a few customers have told us the Reference 3 out-performs big name $500-$800 interconnect cable in all aspects. The VooDoo Reference Interconnect will allow you to hear the detail and dynamics that you have never heard before in your system.

The cryogenically treated solid-core high-purity copper conductors are precision wound in dual channel TeflonŽ dielectric with silver-plated active shielding for 100% protection against EMI/RFI signal corruption. High silver-content solder and precision controlled soldering techniques maintain phase-accurate signal flow with balance capacitance and inductance through the signal path. The Reference 3 single-ended interconnect cable is terminated with cryogenically treated Cardas rhodium over silver-plated eutectic brass RCA connectors. The Reference 3 Balanced Interconnect are built with high-luster Zaolla XLR connectors with cryogenically treated gold-plated contact pins.


RCA Termination

Length Price per Pair Purchase
.5 Meter $325

1 Meter $350

1.5 Meter $375

2 Meter $400

3 Meter $450

4 Meter $500

5 Meter $550

XLR Termination

Length Price per Pair Purchase
.5 Meter $375

1 Meter $400

1.5 Meter $425

2 Meter $450

3 Meter $500

4 Meter $550

5 Meter $600

RCA Subwoofer Single

Length Price each Purchase
2 Meter $250

3 Meter $275

4 Meter $300

5 Meter $325

10 Meter $600


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