Super tesla se Power Cord

In honor of the Serbian-American engineer and scientist Nikola Tesla, who is historically renown as the 'Father of Alternate Current', we are proud to offer the Super Tesla SE, the fourth generation of the Tesla Powercord. The Super Tesla SE is specifically designed for large high-current power amps and power supplies. The Super Tesla SE is quietest yet most dynamic power cord we have ever designed. Every nuance of sonic texture and detail literally dances in the holographic expanse of the soundstage. The background is dead quiet providing a dense blackness behind a lush tapestry of sound that is vividly detailed and authentically reproduced. If you seek the ultimate high-end audiophile power cord, the Super Tesla SE may just be the end of the rainbow.

The Super Tesla SE is built with the Oyaide C-037 Rhodium over Silver-plated IEC Connector and Oyaide P-037 Rhodium over Silver-plated AC Plug, with an #6 AWG geometry of cryogenically treated 99.999% high-purity copper conductors. The Super Tesla SE design uses a rigid buss-bar 'reservoir' within the power cord, where large amounts of AC current in the form of line capacitance are reserved for improved noise suppression and greater current demand at transient power peaks. Whether you plug the Super Tesla SE into your source component, pre-amp, DAC, power amp or power supply, the sonic improvement is equally uncanny. Available in either 15 or 20 amp IEC connectors, or 120v NEMA or 240v international AC plugs.

Optional Connector types available:
Oyaide P-037e Schuko AC Plug - Rhodium/Silver-plated (240v)
Furutech Austrailian AU 3112 AC Plug - Rhodium/Silver-plated (240v)
Furutech British AC Plug - Rhodium/Silver-plated/ 13 amp fused ( 240v)
Neutrik Powercon Connector (120/240v)


Super Tesla SE- #8 AWG pure silver/copper conductors with Oyaide C-037 IEC & P-037 Rhodium/silver-plated connectors


3 Feet $1500 4 Feet $1600 5 Feet $1800 6 Feet $2000 10 Feet $2400





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