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WBT-0702.01 400A Gold Plated WBT-0702.01   each




400A continuous current.

The ultimate pole terminal for demanding applications.

Patented clamping mechanism for high compression connection of spade connectors and crimped wire ends up to 6mm2 (10awg).

Patented locking device for banana plugs.

New milled groove on both sides of compression plates for high strength connection of spades.

Color code: red, white or black.

Can be soldered or crimped.

With a 400 ampere continuous current capability, this is the perfect size binding post for demanding applications. A patented clamping mechanism makes it possible for high compression connection of spades and crimped wire ends up to 6mm˛ (10AWG). By means of a collet chucking device, any 4mm˛ banana plug can be securely clamped. Milled grooves on both sides of the compression plate provide high strength for connection of spades. NO TOOLS required to provide a secure connection. Finger tightening is all that is required. This connector will not fit on a 3/4” or 19mm center to center spacing.






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