Speaker, Turntable, and Amplifier Manufactures' Suggested Standard Thread Sizes


Please inform us if we have missed one.

This list is based on the best information we have from the different loudspeaker manufacturers listed and our customers and should be used as a guide. It is possible that some speakers may have non-original manufacturer inserts installed on your speakers or that your speakers had different inserts used on a select group of speakers made.

It is always a good idea to double check, see our Speaker Spike FAQ page for more information.


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Manufacturer Thread Size
Acoustic Energy M8 (8mm)
Adam Audio 1/4-20 or Install Oregondv Supplied 1/4-20 Inserts
Aerial Acoustics 1/4-20
ATC M5 (5mm)
ALR/Jordan M8 (8mm)
Amphion M6 (6mm)
Apertura M8 (8mm)
Apogee Speakers 5/16-18
AR M6 (6mm)
Atacama M6 (6mm)
Audio Physic Spark M8 (8mm)
Audio Vector M3 M6 (6mm)
Audio Vector S6 M8 (8mm)
Audio Pro M6 (6mm)
Avantegarde M8 (8mm)
Aerial T-10 1/4-20
Athena M6 (6mm)
Balanced Audio Tech (BAT) 1/4-20
B&W - M6 M6 (6mm) Typically. May be M8
Boltz-USA 5/16-18
Boston Acoustics 1/4-20
Celestion M6 (6mm)
Canton M6 (6mm)
Caravelle 1/4-20
Cary Audio - CAD805 6-32
Cary Audio - SLI-80 6-32
Castle Acoustics M6 (6mm) & M8 (8mm) Double check yours....
Chalio M6 (6mm)
Chicago Speaker Stands 1/4-20
Coda Pre & Power Amps 8-32
Dahlquist 1/4-20
Dali M6 (6mm) & M8 (8mm) Double check yours....
Dali Helicon 400 M10 (10mm)
Definitive Tech 1/4-20
Dynaudio M8 (8mm)
Dynavoice M6 (6mm)
Eminent Technology 1/4-20
Empire M M8 (8mm)
Energy 1/4-20
Forsman M8 (8mm)
Fried M8 (8mm)
Gale M6 (6mm)
Gallo M8 (8mm)
Gradient M6 (6mm)
Harmonic Precision 1/4-20
Heco M6 (6mm) & M8 (8mm) Double check yours....
Hyperion M8 (8mm)
Immedia RPM Turntables 1/4-20
Infinity Alpha M6 (6mm)
Infinity Kappa M8 (8mm)
Infinity USA 1/4-20
Jamo M8 (8mm)
JBL M6 (6mm), M8 (8mm), or & 5/16-18 Double check yours...
JBL Studio L890 5/16-18
JM Labs M6 (6mm)
JPW M8 (8mm)
Kef M6 (6mm)
Kharma 1.0 M10 (10mm)
Kinergetics Electronics 6-32
Klipsch M6 (6mm) or 1/4-20 Double check yours...
Lead Balloon Turntable Stand 3/8-16
Linn M8 (8mm)
M&K Sound 1/4-20
Magnat M6 (6mm)
Mark Levinson 10-32
Martin Logan 1/4-20
MBL M6 (6mm)
McIntosh 1/4-20
Meridian M6 (6mm)
Meadowlark 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 Double check yours....
Merlin 1/4-20
Michael Yee Electronics 8-32
Mirage 1/4-20
Mission M6 (6mm)
M.M. Sound M6 (6mm) & M8 (8mm) Double check yours....
Monitor Audio M6 (6mm)
Monitor Audio Studio 50 & 60 M8 (8mm)
Monsoon M6 (6mm)
Mordant Short M6 (6mm)
Near 1/4-20
NewForm 1/4-20
Nexus speaker stands M6 (6mm)
NHT 1/4-20
NewForm 1/4-20
Nexus speaker stands M6 (6mm)
NSM Loudspeakers 1/4-20
Opera-Consonance M8 (8mm)
Oracle Turntables 1/4-20
Oregondv 1/4-20
Paradigm M6 (6mm)
Paradigm 11se MK3 and Bipolar 3/8-16
Paragon 1/4-20
Pass Labs 10-32
Proac M8 (8mm)
PSB 1/4-20
Phase Tech. 1/4-20
QUAD M8 (8mm)
Rega M6 (6mm)
Revel Performa Series 1/4-20
Revel Salon 1/2-13
Roland Research 10-32
Ruark M8 (8mm)
Ruark Templar II M6 (6mm)
Shanling Electronics 3/8-16
Shunyata Research 8-32
Silverline M8 (8mm)
Snell 5/16-18
Sonic Frontiers 8-32
Sota Turntables 5/16-18
Sound Dynamics 1/4-20
Soundlab 1/4-20
Soundocity 1/4-20
Spica 1/4-20
StandDesign M8 (8mm)
Symphonic Line Amplifiers 10-32
Synthesis 1/4-20
TAOC - Audio Rack M8 (8mm)
Talon Audio 3/8-16
Tannoy M6 (6mm) & M8 (8mm) Double check yours....
Target Racks M6 (6mm) & M8 (8mm) Double check yours....
TDL M6 (6mm)
Tekton Design 1/4-20
CS1.6, CS2.4, CS5, CS5i, CS6, CS7, CS7.2
Timbre Electronics 1/4-20
Totem 1/4-20
Vandersteen 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 Double check yours....
Vantage M8 (8mm)
Velodyne Install Oregondv Supplied 1/4-20 Inserts
Vienna Acoustics M6 (6mm)
Von Schweikert VR-4 III SE 3/8-16
VPI Turntables 10-32
Wharferdale M6 (6mm)
Wilson Beuesch M8 (8mm)
Wilson Watt/Puppies 3/8-16
Yamaha M6 (6mm)




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